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The Christmas Story- God's Side of It

The Christmas Story- God's Side of It

No this blog post isn’t about the classic movie, The Christmas Story, we all know to love, where Ralphie longs for the popular Red Rider BB Gun, or to crack the radio code, and how to deal with his “old man.” This post is all about the real story behind Christmas. Just not the story of baby Jesus that we all have heard since we were children. I’m sharing what has made a huge impact on my current life right now, through the Christmas miracle. What I’m about to tell you is what I personally took away from Luke Davidson’s message at Compass Church NRH. Bare with me, as this is not an easy post to put into words for me. Today was a powerful day in my faith journey and relationship with God. It all starts with the message of the Christmas story.

Paster Luke starts off to share the message of the story of Christmas from the perspective of God. Yes, Christmas is about the son of God, Jesus being born from from the Virgin Mary herself. However, it’s so much more than angels being heard from high. It’s what God had intended that makes this so powerful.

At the time of struggle thousands and thousands of years ago, people cared about all the wrong things, ex: money, power, lust, etc… There were laws that were set and laws being broken. When you break the law, then life was lost. God knew this was all wrong. God didn’t care about big power, corporations, or business. He cared for people and people alone. We know him as the author of life, this was all wrong in his eyes. In Galations 4:4 NIV,” But when the right time comes..” He comes on and says it’s time for Jesus to be born. Through Jesus will come great things. From here, God did a personal and powerful thing.

The spirit of God show us his love and wants us to trust Him.

Through Christmas, God had to come in person. We all know the popular saying we spit out at times of fire, “Actions speak louder than words.” That’s what God had intended for us! Demonstration is how God shows his own love for us during this time. While we are still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) All along God knew this would happen.

Many would start to question right there. But as Christians, we tend to keep those questions or wonders “hush hush.” At the same time we still sit here and question, Why did Jesus have to die? Why couldn’t Jesus just pronounce to everybody forgiveness? Why couldn’t he just talk to his father, God, before his death and make do? How can one person forgive everyone? Those questions are pondering thoughts that people do have. Luke said for himself, Jesus was no near moral. But there’s one thing for sure that people keep talking about day in and day out, Sundays after Sundays, all over the world!!

Here’s the answer that hit me so hard (in a good way) and brought me to tears of joy on Sunday… It’s an important thing that I want you all to really reflect on…

God is the author of life, breathes life into our world. He is the creator out of nothing. As long as we are nothing, then we are something. We give thanks and praise for this life we have from God. Everything he faces us with needs to be a strong YES! But on the flip side, our society sits and still says no. When we say no. We lose. We have NO control over our lives. God has out life in his hands. When you dishonor him, then that’s when you loose at life. People all over this country to this day share the word of God. Why not trust him? Why not cast all fears and anxieties on the author of this life we have? In my mind, it’s almost a sin not to. There’s no reason not to put our trust in our Father’s hands.

Jesus death demonstrates the magnitude of our ingratitude & this death demonstrates the magnitude of his love.

Love has to show and prove and how he demonstrates love is with sacrifice (Matthew 1:23) God is with us. God is with us. God gave us Jesus and by sending his son. In return, we have eternal life, so we can be set free, be in the power of the kingdom and most importantly we can be saved and forgiven.

**personal connection** this was the time where our Luke, the pastor of Compass Church, gave us all a challenge. At the time, I was thinking.. okay what kind of challenge? I’m up for it! Bring it on. He said something on the lines of if we believe in Jesus Christ the son of God, that he died for us, that we are given eternal life everlasting, forgiven of sin and loved unconditionally then said up and declare, “I believe.” instantly my heart started to pound out my chest. I felt an overwhelming feeling I have never felt before. I knew this was the Holy Spirit in me. TOTALLY out of my comfort zone I took a stand. All alone, and declared my belief. It’s funny, but those same feels from my baptism came about again. It was moving. Typical Kirstin, I stood up real quick, said the words “I believe” quickly and had a seat as fast as I could. This took so much courage and strength, that I never knew I had. For those who know me, this isn’t something I do on the reg., but I did. Then those 5 who stood before, were gathered to the side for a quiet prayer and a circle on communion. It was the best communion I have taken in a long time. It was powerful!! Tears were flowing like the Mississippi River!! (which was not comfortable for me because that means attention from strangers were drawn to me… which I hate) It was a step forward in my journey of faith and relationship with God.

What made me so empowered to stand alone and say those two strong words. That I can’t answer. But I know that one thing’s for sure. I fully, 100%, in the deepest of my hearts…

I trust in God.

The story of Christmas was God’s plan all along. Hearing the message of The Christmas Story -God’s perspective was empowering and life changing for me. Just like Paster Luke challenged me, I challenge you to spend this holiday season reflecting on God’s eternal view of what Christmas means. It is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to share with those who have yet to discover what the Christmas story is really about. The wait is over, the Savior has come!

Thanks for hanging in there with me through this long post. I hope this empowers you to move mountains in your own faith like it did for me today.

Love from Texas,


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