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Tips for Styling Organized

Tips for Styling Organized


The new year has past and you may or may not be keeping up on those goals or resolutions that you set for yourself. This was the first year that I told myself that I’m NOT doing any resolutions, rather setting GOALS for myself. Studies show that when you set a goal for yourself you’re more likely to reach those goals, instead of resolutions. A goal I always strive for is organization. Lucky for me, organization comes easy because I’m soo type A! I find when I’m more proactive and organized I’m less stressed. It’s become a coping skill that I’ve developed and I strive to focus on. That’s why this year I’m keeping up with my organization.

Organization and planning looks different for everyone. I’m a firm believe of these top tips when it comes to being organized. Erin Condren helps me, PTL! These tips I guarantee will help you stay organized and on track this new year, regardless of what it entails.

  1. Write It Down/ Make a To-Do List

    Making a list truly is my saving grace. If I don’t write it down I will promise you it will be forgotten about. The other reason why I LOVE making lists is because it helps me sort through the things in my head. When I write it down it helps me feel less over whelmed during busy seasons. This tip is a lifesaver for me in all areas of my life both personally, for the blog and teaching too! The best thing about making a list is crossing it off!! It’s feels so good and satisfying.

  2. Set Goals

    This is a big one for me. If you’re not setting goals for yourself how are you become a better you? Good question… it’s true though. If you don’t set REALISTIC goals then you’re selling yourself short. The new year is the perfect time to write at least 5 personal goals and 5 professional goals. Erin Condren is great for this. In the planners there’s a perfect place to write all your goals for that month! It’s perfect for keeping yourself accountable. I’m a huge believer of writing down goals. It’s one thing to think about your goals, but when you take the pen to the paper it takes it to the next level. Snag this journal to get on the journey of goal setting!

  3. Color Coordinate

    There’s something about color coding that makes it a total game changer for me. Studies have even proven that when you color code your plans or “must dos” it helps with memory! SIGN ME UP. Personally, I love to color code my Erin Condren Life Planner. It helps keeps things organized and helps to keep my planner less cluttered. Color coding looks different for everyone, here’s an example of how I do it… Blog events, photoshoots, or meetings are written in pink. Fun plans like dates nights, girls night, family events, traveling, road trips, etc are written in purple. Teacher or school related events or things are written in teal. Important reminders such as doctor’s appointments or must dos are written red, and miscellaneous tasks that come up are written in orange. It can be different for everyone, but this works for me. When I am in a rush, I’m not going to lie pen will just have to do!! lol

  4. Make a Schedule & Stick To IT!

    Organized people don’t waste time. JOKE! We all waste time. It’s all about how long and in what way we waste our time. To be organized is to staying productive. To be and stay organized you not only must make a schedule, but KEEP it. I find that making schedules help me to stay focused on what’s important and what’s “fluff!” When you live a cluttered lifestyle, you won’t have time or space for deadlines or goals. When I write a timed out schedule in a day I find myself so much less stressed and actually start to feel more accomplished. I challenge you to look at you bucket list, or just any list. Write down the things you want to accomplish first by drawing a star. That way you know that that item on your schedule will be one you’ll stick to! Life is short, make sure you’re doing what matters to you most.


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have saw that I attended an Erin Condren event in Austin with some favorite blogger friends of mine. It was a dream to meet Erin in person!! She is seriously such a doll and just the way I pictured her in person. I love how fun, spunky and outgoing she is. She truly treats you like she’s known you for years!! We joked around and said we basically were her BFFs. OMG I just can’t get over that I met her!!! We bonded over our fun shoes!! Take a look…

After the event, I shared on IG stories all the goodies I got. I also did a comparison of the different types of planners on Instagram stories, which are saved in the highlights. With that being said, if you’re still looking for a planner to jumpstart your new year, I HIGHLY suggest an Erin Condren planner. When I first was introduced to EC I was like what’s the big hype? Now I know!! I’ve been an EC super fan for 5 years now and I won’t go back!

What I love about Erin Condren is how customizable the planners, notebooks, stationary and just about everything is! They have so many different styles of planners for teachers, students, brides, and just your average Type A Personality! It’s so fun creating your own covers because you can see your own creativity come to life!! You can add your name, monogram, a photo, a pretty design etc. I love all the different fun prints (which change seasonally) and quotes you can choose from. At the #ECsquad event, we received front covers that have our photos on them. They also added cute little star doodles that made the planner even more perfect! It was perfect and soon “Me!”

With every New Year comes new challenges and opportunities. Why not start getting organized. If you’re not an organized person like me, I challenge you to try at least one of those tips I mentioned above. I promise it will be a game changer for you!! If y’all have other tips, I would LOVE to hear some other organizing tips!! I’ve linked my Erin Condren Life Planner HERE!

Happy planning y’all.

Love from Texas,


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