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Black Friday with Diff Eyewear...

Black Friday with Diff Eyewear...

Sunglasses can be a hard item to buy yourself or someone else. The biggest struggle I have when finding sunnies is I question if they look good on me or if they’re the latest trend. I find that sunglasses trends go in and out throughout the years. Some might beg to differ on that but, remember when us 90’s kids would wear ginormous oversized sunnies in high school? Oh goodness!

Well anyways, when I shop for sunglasses, I want to know that I’m wearing is trendy and that they look good me. I have spent hours on end looking for sunglasses and I could never seem to find the “right” ones for me. Another struggle I have is finding a pair that’s the right fit for my face. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m super picky when it comes to the fit of my sunglasses. Either the frames are too small or they fall off my nose. Recently, I discovered a whole entire game changer to when it comes to sunnies! That is Diff Sunglasses!  Diff Eyewear is my favorite sunglass brand. I have noticed Diff being more and more in boutiques and stores, which I love!! Read below to see why I’m SO obsessed with Diff Eyewear—after you read…why I promise you’ll will love them and want buy a pair for yourself or a loved one.

Top 5 Reasons I love Diff Eyewear

1.     Makes a “Difference” – Diff Eyewear makes a difference in the world. For every pair of sunnies that is purchased, Diff Eyewear gives back to communities around the world by giving one pair to those in need! Read more here!

2.     Black Friday Sale! –   Who doesn’t love a GREAT sale?! With all the holiday shopping, everyone is trying to find ways to save and buy the best gift. Diff is offering amazing deals this Holiday season for everyone on your Christmas list. Having amazing sunnies on sale, what a better reason to get your Diff Eyewear today! Read below all the great holidays sales this year… 

BLACK FRIDAY SALE (Thursday Evening - Monday night)

Buy One Pair, 30% off your order (excludes new styles)

Buy Two Pairs, 40% off your order (excludes new styles)

Buy Three Pairs, 50% off your order (excludes new styles)

3.     Affordable –  When it comes to finding the right pair of sunnies, I always want a good price that doesn’t break the bank or comes with the lack of quality. Diff is all of it- affordable and great quality. 

4.     Trendy – Diff Eyewear is known to have very trendy sunnies, like the ones I’m wearing above! Plus the different styles are suitable for all personalities and styles.

5.     Comfortable –   When finding the right pair of sunnies, it’s important that I find a pair that’s comfortable on my face and isn’t too big or too small. I find that Diff is super comfortable for all face shapes and sizes, plus all the styles are light weight too! Now that’s hard to come by! 

Okay y’all… if you haven’t already… let’s go shop for some cute sunnies. Who cares if it’s not summer. Winter time is the perfect time to grab your favorite pair because the sun is still out! Even on a cloudy day! Trust me I know, the eye doctor herself told me to always wear my sunnies on cloudy days to help with the sun damage I have in my eyes. (*insert eye roll)  So what better way to solve this problem than with Diff Eyewear! I linked some of my favorite styled below… Just click on the picture and shop away.

**If you purchase with me I will get a commission on all products I share with you! So be sure to shop with Styled by Sequins!

I hope y’all are ready to stuff your faces with turkey and be Thankful for all the love and joy in your life. Don’t you wish the world would have grateful hearts all year long?! I know I do.

Have a great holiday lovelies.

Love from Texas,


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