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Best Cowgirl Boots Ever!

Best Cowgirl Boots Ever!

Like always, let’s start with some fun facts shall we? (This girl is full of them!!) 1st Fun Fact: In high school, I would wear cowgirl boots to school and would get judged hard core being in CA. No one wears boots other than western day, but this girl wears them just any ol’ day! 2nd Fun Fact: When I was a little girl I got pink cowgirl boots for Christmas, just like the ones below…some things never change!! 3rd Fun Fact: If I could choose one piece to best represent myself, it would be boots like the ones below. Which leads me to the best part of all. I am featuring City Boots on the blog today and I will have to admit hands down this is my favorite post!! For those who know me, you’re probably thinking-  This is so “Kirstin”!! Couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to western boots, I’m SUPER picky. They have to be the right fit, toe shape and design. My moto when it comes to boot shopping, what will make heads turn? I know crazy right, but trust me with this moto you’ll discover some show stoppin’ boots. City Boots does this for me!! All their boots are high quality, uniquely crafted, one of a kind, has delicate stitching and are comfy!! I can promise you won’t need to break in these beauties, these feel amazing!

City Boots just launched a collection and I’m a little bias because it’s all about Dallas. For some of you locals, you too will be excited when you see it, I know I was. Not only is boot designs so elegant and flattering, but the names of each boot are spot on.  I love the timeless, pink boots called Lovers Lane because I’m totally a pink girl. Plus, it reminds me of my childhood. My first pair of boots were pink! Flash back to the good ol’ days below….

Just because these darling boots are pink, they should NEVER limit your outfit choices, trust me!! Pink cowgirl boots are the new black. They go with everything!! Y’all can style it with a dress, gingham, a chunky sweater, white jeans, leopard prints, a denim top or just about anything. Treat these pink boots like a brown boot. I would suggest not pairing it with anything red as it sorta clashes too much. I wore these darling boots with a ruffle sweater, jeans, and of course, Mustard Seed Jewelry.

These boots would be a great gift for someone for the Christmas. I would love boots from City Boots under my tree!! Your loved one will love it too, trust me. They fit true to size and are the perfect gift for someone who loves to wear boots. Y’all can shop the collection and other City Boots HERE!

Have a happy day y’all

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