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Designer Dupes

Designer Dupes

designer dupes

Holy moly y’all how amazing are these designer finds? When I first found these I was SHOCKED beyond belief that Amazon and some other places had such amazing designer dupes. Somethings I think are worth spending the arm and leg on, but other things… not so much. Especially when you can find something SOOO similar for nearly 90% the cost. Like I have said before, I want to share things that are affordable and “budget friendly!” Here y’all go!!

These are all under $40 and as close to the designer look too. I have the Gucci belt and people always ask me, “Is that a Gucci?” Little do they know it was only $25 on Amazon. Even the reviews are overall positive! I hope you love these as much as I do. For those who are not familiar what designer piece is which I have linked each one for you below…

(Reminder- when you click the link you have to check out right way for the link to be “active”)

Gucci Bee Purse

Burberry Shoes

Louis Vuitton Makeup Bag

David Yurman Stone Ring

Valentino Studded Pumps

Louis Vitton Wallet

Gold Initial Necklace

Gucci Belt

David Yurman Cable Bracelet

Gucci Bow Handbag

Hermes Bracelet

David Yurman Cable Ring

Gucci Sneakers

Hermes Belt

Gucci Velvet Red Bag

Gucci Classic Leather Bag

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