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Let's Get Organized...

Let's Get Organized...

"Let's get organized"... three words most people fear. Organization is a skill that can be very hard for some. For me, organizing has always been a strength of mine. If things aren't organized, it causes me a lot of anxiety. Like in any profession organizing is a skill you need to have. In many cases, people can be more organized in their career than in their personal life. On the blog, I'm going to help you get & STAY organized with some helpful tips! Here we go... 

Steps To Being Organized in Your Personal Life

1. You NEED an Erin Condren Life Planner- Trust me on this one! I shared the teacher lesson planner book in a previous blog post. But let me tell y'all something, this Life Planner by Erin Condren is a game changer. It'll be your saving grace.

2.Do Monthly Views First- In every planner, there’s a monthly overview. In this section, you want to put the plans that won’t change from birthdays and holidays to bill due dates and special all-day events like weddings, trips or reunions. Do not try to fit your grocery list in that tiny little square. This should always be your step one!

3. Weekly Views Second- While you don’t have to do it every week, you should try to use this part of the planner as a check-in with yourself. Note larger goals that can be accomplished in a seven-day period or things you want to get done that don’t need to be pegged to a specific day of the week. For instance, things like “catch up with so-and-so” or “send out party invitations” should be included in this section. And if there’s not a section for it? Use a sticky note. 

4. Sticky Notes- This organization tip will be super helpful for you. So let's dive in. Life throws curve balls at us. It's important to write the "unsure" plans, events, to-dos on a sticky note. This will allow you to move them around and it doesn't leave you crossing everything out. I do write appointments or events that are a "for sure" plan with pen. As a blogger, I write all my shoots, blog write ups, dates ect on a sticky note because I know dates & deadline change. In your personal life can be true too! We all need to be flexible, so why not make our planner flexible too?! Here's my favorite sticky notes from Erin Condren. These snap right into the coil of your planner! How cool is that?

5.Make To-Do Lists- Creating a to-do list allows you to stay on schedule. Don't ever rely on memory because I'll tell you what... that will come to haunt you! I have made this mistake many times. Start getting in the habit of writing to-do lists. It can be as simple as the tasks you need to get done, what you need to do, grocery lists, shopping lists, ect. When you start to check those items off, you'll feel so good about yourself. Ditch the paper and use this super easy to-do list from Erin Condren. (Click here) Another option for grocery shopping lists is this one here by Erin Condren. 

6. Color Code- I find that the human brain respond better when things are writing and organized by color. So flash back to the younger days and get your planner color coordinated! I know this might seem like a lot at first, but trust me, it'll be super helpful down the road. Pick the colors you want and assign a color to each topic. For an example: pink for school, yellow for work, green for appointments, or blue for events. Just make it work for you!! This tip totally helps me.

7. Don't Stress About Filling Space- Just as it’s important to get into a routine, it’s also important to leave some spots blank. People get tired of using planners because they feel like they have too much to fill in. But remember, a planner is representative of your life and you should be content with having some downtime or room for unplanned activities. You will exhaust yourself if every single day is jam-packed to the point where you have no flexibility.

8. Goals- At the back of your Erin Condren planner & at the beginning of each new month there's a space for notes. In that note section, I highly recommend you write 5 goals for yourself. Let it be about work, health, finance, fitness, well being, or whatever you want to accomplish. When you set a goal for yourself your more likely to reach those goals. Go after it!

Let's get planning y'all! If organizing your everyday life is a goal or something that doesn't come easy, try the helpful tips I shared! I promise they'll make your so much life easier. As you probably know, Erin Condren is my go-to planner for teaching and for everyday life. I would highly suggest you invest in one. You'll be extremely happy with it. Once you join the crew, there's no going back to those Target planners!

Grab your NEW planner from Erin Condren today by clicking HERE. When you sign up for the newsletter, it allows you to receive a percentage off!! 

If you get stuck and can't figure out what design to get, I'd be happy to help! With all the different choices it's hard to decided.. I know! 

Happy organizing & planning...

Love from Texas, 


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