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Leopard Loafers, Multiple Ways

Leopard Loafers, Multiple Ways

The famous leopard loafers that I’ve been wearing in like every picture on Styled by Sequins Instagram. Clearly there’s a reason why! First off, these loafers are so cute, trendy and priced well. They fit true to size I got my normal size and they ‘re so comfortable. I can totally wear these shoes all day while teaching. I believe when I find a shoe I can wear all day while teaching Kindergarten, then I mean it when I say they’re comfortable. The best thing about these shoes? they can be worn multiple ways are shoes you MUST have in your closet!!

Some may think that leopard loafers are a fall thing… think again! It’s like white jeans can only be worn in the spring/summer. WRONG! Just like white jeans, leopard loafers are an every season fashion trend. At first I was a little wary when this trend came around because I remember wear leopard shoes in high school. They do say trends cycle around. But then… it struck me. Leopard fever. I started having visions. Visions of loafers with red skinnies and leggings and leather, oh my! That’s when I knew I had to get myself a pair. Literally not kidding… I really thought about it before buying, not because of the price, but because I’m trying to be more budget cautious.

The beauty in these leopard loafers is that almost every designer has come up with their own version. Y’all when I say every designer, I’m not kidding, it was like a wild fire. The prices range from outrageous ($400) to the cost of a few drinks ($20).  Now how do I wear them? I’ve got you covered sister….

*If you follow Styled by Sequins on IG, you’ll see more details on how I styled these shoes on the ‘try-on’ highlight stories.

  1. One Way: Love this darling little look that is so easy to throw together. Yes, you can wear white on white. I just make sure I add a cardigan or some type of top with it too. This outfit is great for spring or fall.


2. Way two: This outfit would have to be my favorite because it’s that cute!! I’m wearing a denim top, white jeans, felt hat, jeans and of course the popular leopard loafer.


3. Way Three: Here’s two different kind of looks for different weather days. On the right is more the summer style and on the left would be more suited for the spring. This casual, yet simple look just pops because of those loafers. I’m telling you friends, these shoes are literally perfect.


4. Way four: This outfit is so comfy! I would totally wear this outfit to teach in or for a lunch date. I’m wearing a over sized striped shirt with Spanx leggings (best investment ever) with the loafers. Styling stripes and print are my favorite. For some reason stripes and leopard prints look so good together.


6. Way Six: When I said these loafers can be worn in all season heres the evidence right here! In the winter, I’d wear these darling loafers with leggings and a sweater. Choose any color sweater and the outfit will be the talk of the town.


7. Way Seven: I saved the best way for last because this one is my favorite. I styled these leopard loafers with leggings, striped shirt (yet again) and a denim shirt around my waist. This outfit is perfect for brunch, church, teaching, or just for any causal occasion. I promise these shoes will be the most worn item in your closet, to the point where you might have to “retire” them because you’ll wear them soon much!!

Of course there’s other ways you could wear these darling shoes, these are only a few ways to get you started. I’m already shared these shoes on Styled by Sequins IG and they were already a big hit!! I have linked all outfit details above for y’all. I hope you love these shoes as much as I do!!

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