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Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon

What is Love Your Melon?

Some of y'all may have seen these darling beanies or caps worn by your favorite celebrity... just from their big presence on social media. Regardless if you know about Love Your Melon or not, let me share with you how this non-profit organization is so much more than an apparel brand.  Love Your Melon funds cancer research and provides support to families of children fighting cancer. This non-profit all started at University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN by two college students who were paired up in an Entrepreneur class. For every LYM hat sold, a hat is given to a child fighting cancer. Love Your Melon has grown tremendously and has reached an all time high! Can you believe that LYM has generated $1Million Dollars for their partners?! So amazing! 

What's LYM REALLY about...

Love Your melon is so much more impactful than anyone will never know, since most of you have never experienced cancer itself. LYM means loving everything you have whether that be embracing a bald head or a full head of hair. Love Your Melon also means loving what you have, embracing everyone around you and inspiring others to do the same. 

When a hat is given to a child, it brightens their hearts and warms their head. There's so much more meaning behind this brand when a little one is able to feel loved, warm, and confident in those cold hospital rooms. Children who are fighting for their lives, worry about what's on their head. When a child looses their hair from chemotherapy, there's no words that can describe the feelings they experience. Kiddos worry about what their friends may think, if they will get teased at school and may have lost the confidence they once had. They never want to feel different or feel like they are set apart from the rest. With Love Your Melon, one hat changes everything for them. It's amazing how LYM hats change the world for these kiddos fighting cancer. 

Read more about why Love Your Melon is so special to me... 

Why LYM Is Special To Me!

LYM touches my heart in so many ways. I've lost many close friends to cancer. One in particular was only 6 years old. Imagining a 6 year old losing their life to something so horrific, it's much more devastating than it seems. Not only have I lost loved ones to the fight, I'm a cancer survivor too! When I was 11 years old, I experienced what it's like to lay in that cold hospital bed, wondering what life had in store for me and fearing of being different. At such a young age, you could image that it's pretty life changing. Hearing the impact that LYM has on children today is very "real" to me because I used to be one of those children. Love Your Melon brings a smile to my face, just like it does to little ones today!

It fills my heart with joy to be sharing this impactful brand. Love Your Melon strives to change the story for kids that are often defined by lack of funding, lack of research and the lack of awareness.  We are all here to change that story for every child and their families battling cancer. This is done with one common goal, make heartbreaks become healing once and for all! Every story will become a story of strength and hope with Love Your Melon.  

So what are y'all waiting for?! Get your darling beanie and make Love Your Melon bigger than it is! There's several different hat designs. I'm wearing the grey speckled pom beanies. LYM has darling winter headbands for cold winter days too. If you're like me & want warmer weather, then grab a LYM cap or workout headband! There's so many great products, you're bound to find something you'll love. Love Your Melon products would make adorable gifts for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or even birthdays! 

Shop your favorite LOVE YOUR MELON pieces here... 

I styled this pom beanie with a cozy sequins sweater and vest. This outfit is very fitting for my style because I love sequins... can't you tell?! My necklace is from Anthropologie and has been a huge hit whenever I post about it. It's one of those pieces that is a staple! Shop this outfit below... I have linked what I'm wearing & some other similar pieces too! 

If y'all need help ordering or have any other questions about this amazing brand I'd be happy to help. Just comment below...

Let's make a kiddo smile today!

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