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Hey Y'all!

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Oh Darlin'... You're a BABE!

Oh Darlin'... You're a BABE!

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Okay y’all.. What I really want to get into today is what I’m about to tell you… Currently watching the “newish” movie, I Feel Pretty and omg y’all what an amazing movie!! The message portrayed is so REAL!! At the beginning of the story, the main character doesn’t know who she is, hates how she looks, compares herself to others, has a negative body image and isn’t comfortable in her own skin. Then she falls off a bike in Soul Cycle (was corny), but when she woke up she exerted with extreme confidence, self-love, and she was herself 100%!

I have felt all those feelings like she did at the beginning of self-doubt, distorted body image, low confidence and self-cautious. I’m sure I am speaking for a ton of other girls out there too. It’s a messy world with messy feelings about ourselves. It’s sometimes hard to walk in a crowd of people and feel like the hottest one there. I am not going to lie, I don’t want to seem conceded, but when I feel this way I am on top of the world. To be honest, when I feel 110% confident it’s when I feel good about my body. Which makes for a toxic cycle.

In the movie, there’s a scene of them just finishing sex and she pops ups and thinks she hears the ice cream man. I mean what in the world?! I don’t know who would do that, but someone who is full of confidence in her own skin would. Then her boyfriend asks her, how can you be so confident? She says she started to believe in herself and her dreams that they would come true!! This is so TRUE!! Truth be told, her dream was to be beautiful and for other to see that too. In the end, the moral is that it doesn’t matter what you look on the inside because people love you for YOU!!

If you read one thing read this paragraph—There’s something to be said when you feel confident and believe in yourself. You really feel like on top of the world. Your body language changes and you feel more like yourself. When I get into this “mindset” I feel great. Half the battle is getting there , but how? Here are my 3 step trick - Channeling your inner B.A.B.E

B- Beautifully created

A-Accepted by God

B-Believe in yourself

E-Exceptional in the eyes of God

1.     Focus on your relationship with God because you’re a B.A.B.E

2.     Lead with your inner beauty and the outer beauty will follow because you’re a B.A.B.E

3.     Brainwash yourself with these constant words- God created you to please him

4.     If you feel down, write positive affirmations and pray.  

I know, this is all harder said than done, but when you start to practice these things you’ll notice a change. YOU ARE A B.A.B.E!!  

Remember forever and always, darlin’ you’re a B.A.B.E!!

Love from Texas,


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