Styled by Sequins started from a simple thought, "Leave a little bit of sparkle wherever you go." Sparkle in this sense doesn't literally mean the sparkle from nail polish or the sparkle you decorate with. For me, the act of leaving sparkle is more of a glimmer of kindness wherever you go.

I believe in spreading kindness like throwing sequins everywhere and with whatever you do. It can be as simple as giving back to the community, giving grace to others like God does to us, putting others before self, or giving a compliment. Leaving your mark of kindness is something makes a difference in the world. When you do, you feel good about YOU! I mean who doesn't like a little bit of sparkle sequins?

Because Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. So follow your dreams, embrace change, and live out what you love! 

I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up in the most beautiful town called Carlsbad, just north of San Diego. I was a lucky girl to have such a beautiful hometown growing up! My husband and I go back to visit my family, just not often enough! My mom, dad, brother, and the rest of my family mean the world to me! I'm extremly blessed to have such an amazing family who are all so loving and hilarious! Not only is my family a huge part of my life, but so are my amazing girlfriends. Some of these women I met in college and others I have known my whole life. These are the women at age 70 I'll still be calling up and drinking morning coffee with. 

After high school, I moved out of the Golden State to Omaha, Nebraska. Some people thought I was crazy to move away from California, but I wanted to see what the world had to offer. I got the question, "Why would you leave California to Nebraska?" A LOT!!  I moved specifically to attend Creighton University where I received my bachelors degree in Elementary Education. That wasn't originally my degree, I was originally nursing. That wasn't for me. During my college career, I met some amazing friends, gained incredible sisters through Gamma Phi Beta, created memories that will never be forgotten, and met my wonderful husband Colin!

Colin and I dated for four years, two of those years were long distance. (Which was so hard, but so good for our relationship... made us stronger!) During that time, we tried hard to see each other about once a month. We tried to switch back and forth on travel as much as we could. If any of you have or are currently in a long distance relationship, my best advice for you is to trust and focus on communication. And above all else, do all things with love and put your other before yourself.

On March 17, 2015 was easily the best day of my life! Colin proposed and asked me to spend forever with him. We got married July 16,  2016 at the most gorgeous venue and I love him so much (see more on the wedding category) Our love keeps growing each and every day. We have experienced some hard times in our marriage, but we come out stronger that we ever were. It totally all was what a call a "God thing!"

We currently live in the subs of Fort Worth, Texas. We both consider ourselves  official "Texans" (sorry mom!) We both love this area so much- little bit of city & country!  We both can't wait to continue to grow our lives here. 

Your light is meant to shine! 

Growing up, I was the girl who loved playing dress up and loved anything sparkly. I believe that dressing up to make  yourself shine helps a girl feel confident, which gives her the power to take on the world. When readers read Styled by Sequins, I hope my content can empower women to shine in their own skin and always leave a little bit of sparkle! 

I believe that every girl should have a little sparkle in her wardrobe. If it was normal, and not up to my husband, I would have our walls covered in sequins. Sequins just make life better all around! If you dont know me, I am obsessed with bulldogs and my own little puppy, Gracie Jo. I  find myself laughing at my own jokes more than others. I am positive and a maximizer. I find joy in teaching children. I am a kindergarten teacher who inspires children to be life long learners. Teaching is my career and blogging is my hobby. I model and work at The Trend Shop and love putting my styling expertise into action.  As I write, I hope you are empowered to spread sparkle wherever you go! Thank you for reading Styled by Sequins. Because of you, spreading the love for sparkle is possible. 

Lastly, I love all things fashion, travel, food and fitness, education, marriage, a little bit of puppies and most importantly life! You will see a lot of these topics throughout my site. I invite you to sit back, drink a bold cup of coffee, laugh, and most importantly...smile!

Love from Texas,