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Road Trip: Texas to Nashville

Road Trip: Texas to Nashville


We hit the road and off to Nashville we went. Here's our journey along the way from Keller, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee...

First Stop: Little Rock, AK. Where there's nothing but deep accents and open fields...but really y'all, that's as good as it got. Just kidding, Oonce we got into the city of Little Rock, it got a little more interesting. Little Rock, AK is a cute little town. If y'all want to visit an interesting place, I'd suggest Little Rock. It's random I know, but it has good places to eat and cute boutiques. What else do you need?! Let's be real! Just note to self, we didn't stay in a nice hotel, just your average Holiday Inn. I'm sure there are some cute places to stay, we just didn't have the time to explore that out. We were in a "on the road" type of mode. The hotel we stayed in was right outside of downtown Little Rock. To be honest, it was quit nice. We were traveling through so there was no need for a five star hotel. Fun Fact- the fire alarms went off at like 2am because they were doing a "check." That was fun... not!

Food: We went to some GREAT restaurants. When we drove in, we went to The Fold, which was a cute diner like place. They had good tacos, burritos and queso. (We love queso!) Another dinner place that was recommended, but they were closed was ZAZA. We were bummed they were closed for the holiday because we were looking forward to going there. Instead, we found a Sushi Cafe, which was pretty good. It was awkward because the sushi guys were Mexican. (LOL, y'all typically don't see that.. no judgment) Now let's talk breakfast, we went to two REALLY good breakfast spots. The first one was a modern diner, The Corner, located right by the river in downtown. My favorite part was the view of the city and you could watch the trollies ride by. The food was amazing too, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. The second place we went was The Root Cafe. This breakfast spot was super good and cook with fresh foods from local Arkansas farmers. Very different, but has a cool vibe. I would recommend any of these places in a heart beat.  

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Boutiques: Y'all know how much I love boutiques. Let's start with, Steamroller Blues. This one is a good one to stop and shop. Their style of clothes tended to be more edgy and trendy side, if you're into that kind of style. Another cute boutique is Simple Dixie Boutique. I did not go into this store, but from their online store, it looks cute. Then we have the original E. Leigh's Boutique  (just like our Southlake, Texas location store.) We were on a time crunch to hit the road, so I did not go into this one. However, I know E. Leigh's Boutique very well, so I would assume it's a good one  too. 

That's all folks, we really didn't do much in Little Rock except eat and sleep. Scroll down below to see where our next stop is... (I promise it's a little more interesting)

Next Stop: Memphis, TN.  Y'all I'm going to be honest with you. (like I always want to be...) Memphis, I hate to say it, is not a pretty town nor is it clean. It's very diverse and has a lot of culture, which is great and all, but you just have to be safe in areas. Once y'all go, you'll see what I'm talking about. I will say, that it's starting to grow and a younger crowd seems to be settling there. We only stopped in Memphis once on our road trip, where Little Rock was our resting spot. On our way to Nashville, we were much more motivated to see the city of Memphis. So here's what we did and saw...

Boutiques: We learned that Memphis is VERY spread apart. It's a big city and boutiques seemed to be spread apart. (unlike Dallas Fort Worth, they are every where!) First we stopped at the cutest boutique called Stella Ivy Boutique. Y'all if you don't have the chance to visit this boutique, you must just follow them on Instagram. I know the buyer of this boutique, he's awesome. Keep in mind their Instagram feed and Insta stories and you can order over the phone too. I know with boutiques it can be hard to order online, but just call Stella Ivy if you see something you love from their Instagram. They're super helpful and sweet. I wouldn't recommend y'all if I didn't love them too!

There's other boutiques to visit in Memphis, but this really the only one on the top of my list. 

Food: When you go to Memphis, you MUST go to the oldest cafe, The Arcade Restaurant. There's so much history in this small, unique diner. Movies have been filmed here over centuries. It truly is a must see when you're in Memphis. After lunch, we headed to Beal Street where we had homemade ice cream & old fashion fountain soda too at  A. Schwab General Store. This is not any general store, this hold so much history. Even Elvis himself has been here! There truly is nothing like this anywhere! We loved how unique and classic A. Schwab General Store was, not to mention their ice cream and milkshakes are to die for. These two places can be done in a few hours, but a few hours you're not going to want to miss.

If you're in the mood for BBQ, Memphis has some dang good BBQ food. Stop by Central BBQ for some mouth watering food. Stop here on a nice day and you're bound to see the patio packed, live music on the weekends. The fun atmosphere will keep you coming back! 

What To See: If you want a fantastic view of Memphis, go to the Bass Pro Shop at the pyramid. Yes, you heard me right, so weird I know! This Bass Pro Shop is not like any other, it has swamps with alligators and duck pools! Plus take a 28 story ride to the top of this steel pyramid for an incredible view. Once you're at the top you'll see an awesome 360 view of Memphis and the Mississippi River. It does cost $10 each to go, but have some lunch up there and it's totally worth it! If you're a guest at the Big Cypress Lodge (resort inside Bass Pro Shop) then you can ride for free. Y'all this Bass Pro Shop is like the Disneyland for hunters and outdoorsy people. Regardless, it's pretty neat place to stop. 

Another adventure you can take in Memphis is the home of Elvis. Visit Graceland to see a the humble beginnings of Elvis Presley through the rise to stardom. You will see how this rock'n'roll king lived and relaxed with his family. 

Beal Street: Take a trip to Beal Street during the day to the Blues Hall of Fame or have a rockin' time with Blues music at night. Blue music floats the air on the Beal Street. This street is a great place to walk around, explore, and have a drink. 


Final Destination NASHVILLE! 

It's safe to say we made it to Nashville, I hope this blog post helped you learn more about different cities, you may never knew about or encourage you to take a road trip, like we did! It was a super easy drive from Keller, Texas to Nashville. With two stops on the way, the 10 hour car ride seems like a breeze. Plus, y'all can see some beautiful country side and the south while you're at it. Check out the next blog post, What To Do In Nashville! 

Have a sparkly day pretties. 

Love from Texas, 


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