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Erin Condren + Austin

Erin Condren + Austin

Hey y'all!! Earlier last week the Travel Guide: Austin, TX addition went live. I briefly mentioned how we explored the very first flagship store of Erin Condren in Austin... Y'all it was my heaven. On Styled by Sequins Travel blog, I'm going to talk more about the Erin Condren store, so let's dig in...

I've always been a planner, my parents say to this day that I'm the biggest planner they know. To the point where it get's a little OCD. When I mean I'm a planner.. that means I have 3 planners!! No joke... I'm so type A! Calendars, planners, notepads, to-do lists are so my jam... it's kinda an obsession. I frequently change up my planner because I hate when there's "too much" in it- it kinda drives me crazy. So I use a planner for my personal life/blogging, a separate one for teaching and have a calendar on my phone for reminders... it's all a necessity for me. Planning not only helps me to remember things, but in a weird way it calms me down. I'm the biggest type A person you'll ever meet, however I am flexible... so I guess it's a good balance. 

If you aren’t familiar, the Erin Condren brand. It primarily known for the LifePlanner. However, the journey of her brand is so amazing. It all started from being a stay at home mom and cooped up inside. Ideas in her head started turning, which lead Erin to start making cards for friends, showers, birthdays etc.. All her friends raved about how amazing the cards were and that she was set out to do more! Since then EC has evolved into a very well know brand consisting of planner, stationary, notebooks and more. EC has grown tremendously over the years and has been featured on the Ellen Show, Rachel Ray, Family Circle Magazine, The Today Show, Good Day LA, and is in Staples nationwide! Since my very first Erin Condren planner, there's now wedding planners, teacher planners, academic planners, and small/deluxe planners too! I love it all!! 

Y'all can probably tell I'm a huge Erin Condren nerd. I went crazy in the store because it's the type A's heaven!! When Geordian and I were in Austin a few weekends ago we connected with the store manager and got a VIP tour of the store. While at the store, we built/ personalized our own planners and notebooks. If you're a type A person or a teacher like me, you'll go nuts in this store. It's a space that allows you to put your full creativity into action. The design room upstairs was as my favorite part. Erin created that space in the store to host events for bloggers, teachers etc and allow them to leash out their creative juices. I could have spent hours on end in the EC store. This flagship store is the first and only location at this time. I hope they open one closer to the DFW area- It would do so well here. The EC store is located at The Domain shopping center, just about 20 minutes from downtown Austin. I highly recommend making a stop, it's totally the type A or teacher's dream store!! 

As you may or may not know, but the Erin Condren brand is known for the LifePlanner. The coolest part about these planners is they're super customizable. You can choose between a hardbound or spiral-bound planner and customize your cover, the layout (vertical, horizontal, or hourly), the color scheme, and more. Plus, this can all be done in store or on the Erin Condren website. Even the website makes it easy to build your planner or select a pre-designed version if you’re not into so many options. 

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Let's Build a Planner: 

Step #1: Pick a cover 

Step #1: Picking a cover! This is the funnest, yet hardest part for some. There's so many cute patterns and colors to choose from. I tend to lean towards the more neutral shades because it's less overwhelming - knowing that the writing inside will be super colorful! Basically, you get to pick what fits your personality!! 

Step #2: Layout & Theme


Step #2: Chose a Layout & Theme! You get to choose between three different layouts, either the vertical for more the "to-do list" type of people, hourly for more "scheduled" type and the horizontal layout for the "holistic" type. The different color themes consist of either a neutral palette or a colorful palette. Personally, I like the horizontal life planner with the neutral interior. I prefer the neutral option because I like to add color with my writing. Plus, it makes me excited have a fresh clean start to each new month.

Step #3: Choose a Coil


Step #3: Choose a Coil! The different coil colored options are on the newer side for Erin Condren. The original coil was silver and then they introduced the gold, rose gold and black. I love anything rose gold, so I lean more toward that coil color. Honestly, I think whatever looks better with your cover is the coil to go with. 


My planner goes everywhere with me. I use my LifePlanner for so many things- blogging, personal life, teacher etc... Each week, I sit down and really try to plan out what my week will look like, write out a grocery list, list out chores to do, blog posts, or photoshoots. As the week goes on, I check off my lists, and write out new things that come up, or document things that happened each day and I will throw in some bible verses too! The greatest thing about Erin Condren planners is you get to create them to fit you're planning needs! Now let's get to the building part... 

Geordian and I are hosting a giveaway today on Instagram (click here) for all our followers. We both love the succulent cover and hope you will love it too! Be sure to enter in TODAY as it will close on Tuesday night. What are y'all waiting for?! GO visit both of our Instagram accounts & enter to win your own Erin Condren planner. (details are indicated on the IG post)

Have fun planning y'all!! Remember two things- enter in the giveaway & CLICK HERE FOR 10% off!! 

Love from Texas, 



P.S. I saw this outside the store front and it instantly melted my heart!! Now you can see why I love EC! Such a good quote to live by as a teacher. 

Erin Condren
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