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Life in Texas...

Life in Texas...

Funny story, when I was in high school I always wanted to come to the south. It’s crazy how God does so many great things!! When I come across locals, they think I’m a Texas native too!! (compliment in my book) Jokes on them because I’ve lived in Texas with my husband for fourth years now and we love it. People also say that I have a strong accent, I don’t know what to believe. It’s harder to know when you listen to yourself talk. When we started podcast, I heard it much more!! I always wanted a Southern drawl so it’s fitting for me. I guess that’s the way I’ve always talked.


Life in Fort Worth couldn’t be better…I love how freaking nice people are and the quality of life is great! To be honest, there’s no way we could afford to have the kind of house that we do back in San Diego. It’s totally not finically feasible. For now, I’m not complaining Texas treats us well and we really feel settled. The suburbs in Texas have great school districts – I’m one to know I teach in one. Dallas- Fort Worth in particular has a fun night life, yummy restaurants and fun shops! There’s always something to do in Texas and I love that!! Everything from things in the city or country! The climate is awesome, however summers SUCK! It’s hotter than the dickens!! The good thing is we don’t get snow, only in a blue moon. Y’all they say everything is bigger and better in Texas & that is so true!! It’s a place where wearing your cowboy boots is socially appropriate. (my heaven) 

If you have the opportunity to travel to Texas I highly recommend doing part of your trip in Dallas and the other part in Fort Worth. Both great cities, but totally different from each other. Dallas is cute, trendy, young, and ritzy and Fort Worth is totally Texas country! I love the diversity that Texas cities have. My favorite is Fort Worth, hence why we settled on that side of the town.

Another reason why we love about Texas, is the ability to take a weekend trip to so many fun cities! We went to Austin for the weekend and we had a blast. Austin is totally different then the DFW area. It’s way more artsy, outdoorsy and just kinda weird! They say “Keep Austin Weird” for a reason. When we go to Austin we don’t feel like we are in Texas. But, that’s the cool part about Texas and a reason we LOVE living our lives here. When you travel to Austin, you’ll realize how many murals there are!! I was literally going crazy because I love a cute wall (totally a blogger thing!) This wall is located at a local bakery in Austin. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to go in, but they make really neat cookies. Plus, you can customize cookies with personalized logos/pictures, which is super creative. I’m bound to order some soon!! To learn more about this hole in the wall bakery click here

I hope y’all take time to travel to Texas where people say y’all and drink sweet tea! It’s my homeland for a reason and I hope y’all love it as much as I do!! 

Love from Texas,



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