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Travel Guide: Austin, TX

Travel Guide: Austin, TX

Summer time is my time to travel because I have the time off from teaching! I love that about teaching. Since summer is my travel time, why not do a bloggers girls trip to Austin, Texas? I've never been to Austin until now. Before going to Austin I had the impression that it would be super arty and hipstery... and it's safe to say I was pretty much on the money. (note to y'all that's really not my speed, I'm more the country-city girl!) However, a better way to put Austin is colorful & cultured. Now having visited Austin, it's a city in Texas like no other. I have been to San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. From all those Texas city, Austin stands out! It's a super unique city with a ton of culture and diversity! On this travel post, I'm sharing details about our blogger girls trip to Austin- where to stay, what to do, our experience and much much more...

Bloggers Besties do Austin....

Photos: Twinty Photography 

At the start of the 2018 new year I wanted to do a girls blogger trip. I reached out to my blogger friend Geordian from Adore More With Geor to see if she wanted to go and she was all game! So what's a blogger trip involve? One word: Pictures!! We took so many awesome pictures for our blogs. We instantly were pictured out by the end of the trip!! How could that be a thing when we love pictures?! Well it happened!! We explored the fun streets of Austin, relaxing at the roof top pool, ate some amazing food and did a little bit of shopping while we were at it. 

What's a blogger bestie trip without a professional photoshoot?! It was a must because we had to have pictures together. Okay y'all... if you're in need of a photographer either in Austin or the DFW area... Twinty Photography is my top pick!! The two sisters, April and Amy are the twin duo behind the lenses and they are seriously so precious and amazing at what they do. The attention to detail is spectacular. Fun fact: they both graduated from Texas A&M and now on tour around the U.S. with their band, “The Rankin Twins” singing and doing photographing too. I can not wait to schedule another session with Twinty again.

Where to Stay?

For this girls trip we had the luxury to stay at the Fairmont Austin. This hotel is located within the vibrant Central Business District in the heart of downtown. It's centrally located and walking distance to all main attractions. The popular bar area,Rainey Street, is right across the street. Which is super convenient since it's walking distance. My favorite part is the pool... I mean why not? Fairmont has the largest outdoor roof top pool!! Another favorite was their happy hour bar, amazing movie set styled restaurant, and a full service spa in Downtown Austin. Now do you see why I was obsessed?! During our stay we experienced as much of the amenities as possible. Thinking about it makes me want to go back!! According to the ratings, Fairmont Austin is a 5 star hotel. In my book, I would give it way more stars!! The decor and design of the rooms was flawless and makes you not want to leave. Staying at the Fairmont makes you feel like royalty! If you're torn between places to stay in Austin, hands down Fairmont Austin hands down. I can't wait to come back again! Geordian and I were defiantly spoiled, thanks to the Fairmont!! 

**Side note- I had left my camera in the room and didn't realize it until I got home! They were all so helpful and shipped it right to me without any issues!! 

What to do in Austin?

Where do I start? There's so much to do in Austin, it all depends on what you're in the mood to do. Here's my top 5 things to do while in Austin, Texas... 

1. Night Life- If you are wanting the party scene I would recommend going to Rainey street over 6th street because it's more classy.

2. Adventurous Side- If you're looking for more outdoorsy adventure I highlight reccomand renting a SUP (stand up paddle board) or kayak and spend the day on river! You know what would be super fun is a float trip!! Austin is known for the best floating trip down the river. It's the ultimate float destination. We didn't get a chance to do these fun things, but I would totally do this next time I head to Austin. 

3. Landmarks- Want to see iconic landmarks and experience Austin as a whole? South Congress Street is a must see! There's so great places to eat and famous murals to shoot pictures by! That's where we did our blogger bestie shoot. Grab a cup of coffee and snap a picture by the "I love you so much" wall right there on South Congress St. You'll also find some cute shops and unique local boutiques too! Travel just North of South Congress St. and visit the state capital it's a beautiful capital! They do offer tours and would be a fun thing to do for all you history junkies. 

4. Famous Austin Bats- At Sunset, the iconic bat experience is located on the Congress bridge. hundreds of people line up along the bridge to watch millions of bats fly under the bridge right at sunset. It's an incredible thing to watch and would be fun to do after a dinner date. 

5. Shopping- If you want spend a half day shopping and hit all the great stores I highly recommend shopping at The Domain. We walked around this outdoor shopping center and were blown away by how gorgeous it was! We could have spent all our time walking around and exploring around. Typical for fashion bloggers right? This is where the Erin Condren store is located and so much more!! I highly reccomand spending a half day here! It's a gorgeous center and only 20 minutes away from the Fairmont Austin. 

Overall Experience....

Overall I thought Austin was unique place. I didn't feel like I was in Texas tho, I felt like I step foot in Southern California actually. A lot of aspects of this city reminded me of my hometown of San Diego! The people were unique, the city was dynamic, the food was spectacular and the overall experience was super! Austin is like no other city in Texas. It has a mind of it's own. Personally, I couldn't live in this city, but maybe in the suburbs I could. Austin is a neat place full of amazing food, places to see, things to do! I'm sure there's so much MORE to do than what I listed, those were just some popular things people do while in Austin! 

Happy Travels. 

Love from Texas, 




Erin Condren + Austin

Erin Condren + Austin

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