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Planning Time With Erin Condren

Planning Time With Erin Condren

Let's get planning with Erin Condren

Okay all you teachers out there. It's that time of year again to snag your Teacher Planner or if the LifePlanner is more your style, then that one! Last year I had the honor to try out the Erin Condren teacher planner for the first time. Needless to say it, I loved it and went for another one this year. The 2018 Erin Condren Teacher Planner is a little different than last year and I'm obsessed with it. 

What to Expect?

1. INTERCHANGEABLE COVERS- Each Teacher Lesson Planner comes with a secure & stylish removable and interchangeable cover. That way you can change it up or swap for different design throughout the school year. 

2. NEW TEACHER-APPROVED LAYOUT- The layout of this planner has been changed up a bit and redesigned. Based on the recent feedback of the Teacher Lesson Planner,  it now features monthly planning spreads, weekly lesson plans & useful info pages. These changes have already made planner for this school year a breeze. 

3. PRINTED DATES & 2 CALENDAR OPTIONS- This was a saving grace for me this year. I mean I didn't mind placing stickers, but I got a little mixed up on some of them and ruined the stickers. Soo y'all will be happy to now say goodbye to placing date dots & hello to permanently printed dates! You can also choose between two 12-month calendar options: July to June 2019 or January to December 2019! Erin Condren makes it easy to plan the way that works best for you. 

4. BEAUTIFUL NOTES & QUOTES- While looking through my new planner, I didn't notice this until later on. But I'm super pumped about it. In this Erin Condren planner there's extras like lined note pages and motivational quotes make for happy lesson planning! This planner is more than a teacher planner it's a basic life necessity- at least I think so! 

5. STICKERS & EXTRAS INCLUDED- Stickers are the best part of planning!! I find adding stickers makes stress and busy days more enjoyable. (It's the little things that count!) The Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner includes four pages of coiled in stickers (some metallic!) & a dual-sided folder! I'm all about the extras!! 

6. CUSTOMIZE YOUR LESSON PLANNER- I've saved the best for last!! Each planner is built with the basics, but the cool thing is y'all have the choice to upgrade with more checklists, page protectors, and accessories! The best is you can personalize your planner with your name, monogram, school, and even grade level. If that's just only one way to personalize, I have also seen teachers personalize their planners with their favorite quotes. Erin Condren truly allows each individuals to create a planner that fits their personality and planning style. 

Th top is from Shein and is under $20... it's a steal! I would suggest to size up to have more room in the chest. I ordered a medium. Shop it here!

What's Inside?!

Design- Each planner looks  the same from the inside, but the neat thing is the ability to change up the covers and designs. You can choose between florals, motivational quotes, geometric, stripes, seasonal, personal pictures, and so much more! Say you choose a floral print, you actually can change the color combinations for your liking. I tend to lean more towards the cute teacher prints for my teacher planner and I mix it up for my LifePlanner. You also have the choice to pick a coil color. For those who are into golds, silver, rose gold or black you have the option to choose the one that's more you. I always go for the rose gold as that's more "me!" Overall, the design of Erin Condren planners are clean and sharp for all tastes. 

Features- Each planner features the same thing and contains the same structure. The only time where it might be a tiny bit different is when you choose between the two 12 calendar month options. Below I have listed other features of the TLP.... 

  • Weekly Lesson Planning Pages

  • 2-page Monthly Calendar Spreads

  • Checklists

  • Sheet Protectors (optional for more too)

  • Communication Log

  • Yearly Planning Page

  • Graph Paper

  • Lined Paper

Functionality- The planner is the keeper of all things teacher related. I do through in some important personal dates in my planner just in case I need to make arrangements. It's great to have a planner where it holds all needed teacher things and helps to keep things organized too. I hate feeling all over the place when it comes to teacher. The Erin Condren planner really does help me keep my life together during the school day.  

Add Ons-  The coolest thing is the add ons. They are endless and are amazing. I love adding additional things to my planner such as fun teacher stickers, clip ins, sticky notes, stencil sheets, and even a planning pad. I snagged the planning pad as it helps me keep track of dates, plans, copies, and so much more!! You might be surprised to find that add ons will be your new best friend! 

With Erin Condren, you are the creator of your own planner and how it works best for you!! Every teacher plans differently and Erin Condren really allows for different types of creativity to flow. Some might be more of a planner than others (that's me!), while others are not. No matter how you plan, Erin Condren truly works for every personality and style. 

What's the Big News!?

I'm hosting a giveaway with the sweetest Erin Condren PR girly, Samantha! There will be two winners and each will be lucky to receive a $50 gift card to use at!! To enter in you must go to the Giveaway post on Styled by Sequins Instagram and follow the giveaway guidelines! So what are y'all waiting for?! GO ENTER IN!

If you haven't used an Erin Condren planner, today is your day to get planning. I use the Teacher Planner for my teacher life and the LifePlanner for my personal/blogging life. Each help me stay on track, less stressed, and of course SUPER organized. That's just the type A personality in me!! Let's get planning y'all... 

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P.S. Did y'all see my IG story about "What's in my Teacher Bag with Erin Condren" the other day?!  I hope you did, as I'm going into details about the necessities. If not, head over Styled by Sequins Teach Highlight Story!

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