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Teacher Off Duty...

Teacher Off Duty...

Before we get into the whole "Teacher's off duty" isn't my kinder team the cutest?! Y'all can shop our darling shirts here or below..

Being a teacher means summers off... yes it's amazing! Well, that's just the teacher life for y'all. Some of you don't do the math and all that it's worked up to be!! Yes, being a teacher is the perfect schedule to live the "mom life" (my day will come one day) or the fact that we have all holidays, summers off and 10 days off to use. However, it comes with the ridiculous pay we get. This post isn't going to about my rant regarding teacher pay- all you teachers can relate. We all do this job because we love it, not because we all get paid amazingly. I can't complain because Texas teachers are paid pretty darn good compared to other states. I'm here to share on the blog about... what in the world a teacher does during our summers off. Some of us travel, relax or even work!

The top 6 things that a teacher like myself might during the summer... 

#1 Relax- Summer is my time to relax and just be in the moment. During the school year, I tend to get soaked up business, deadlines, expectations, events, and just plain old life. It's the perfect time to take time for yourself, travel, spend time with friends/family, go to the doctor and just primarily focus on yourself. 

#2 Re-Evaluate- I always knew I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. I always knew the making a difference in the lives of child was a calling. However, during the summer, it's a great time to re-evaluate you "why!" Why do I really teach and what is my purpose?! I'll get into that all in another blog post here under the 'teach' category, but for now I will way that it's not all about how I teach, but rather the why do I do, what I do!

#3 Remind- Every summer I remind myself of several different things. One of them being what is your "WHY?".... "If you can walk away tomorrow, you should walk away today." Teaching is more than a job. It's more than a profession. It MUST include passion. It MUST include compassion. It MUST include love. Summers are a great time to remind of your this and that it's more than showing up to work everyday.  

#4 Focus- I'm so grateful that I have summers off and I can focus on what's "important" and what's "fluff." At times we get super busy and forget to focus in. When we focus in we can really pick and choose what truly is important in our lives. 

#5 Mindful- Mindfulness is a big one for me. When I am not mindful I get a ton of anxiety and loose focus to what is important. Being mindful puts you in the present moment and the rest all goes to the waste side. Summer time is the perfect time to practice being more mindful. Plus, being a teacher and having summers off I'm able to focus in on how mindful I am. This totally helps me when I start back at school!!

#6 Educate- This is a big one. Yes, not all teachers or educators have the privilege to have summers off. Some are required to teach, take professional development, have meetings, or are continuing their education, etc.. However, as an educator learning is a huge, yet important aspect of summer. Educators need to be life long learners because we essentially are teaching the future leaders of our society and we always are learning. Just because we are teachers, doesn't mean we know everything and are experts. Learning and growing never stops as a teacher. 

Summer is coming to an end. Y'all this summer flew by for me. I'm not sure about y'all.Even though it's closing time, I'm actually really looking forward to going back to school because it gives me structure. This is our last week before the kiddos come back!! I'm super excited. This is my favorite time of the year when all the new kinder cuties come and are eager to learn! 

My question for all you educators out there... what do you do during your summers off? What do you look forward to most about summers and what do you look forward to most about coming back to school? Comment below as I would LOVE to hear what you all have to say! Let's a voice here teachers!! 

Love from Texas, 



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