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Being a Yogi with Manduka

Being a Yogi with Manduka

Starting January 2018, I set a goal for myself to focus on my breath, inner self, mindfulness and my overall positive spirit. Those are deep topics for one to work on and I thought that starting the new year I would do all those things through yoga. I have found that yoga releases a feeling of positive spirit through the practice of deep breathing and mindfulness. Never in a million of year would I think yoga was for me. I always had this impression that it was slow and boring. Who would want to do that? Once I started practicing yoga and seeing the true impact. I proved that impression wrong! Yoga has taught me so much more than just a pose. It has taught me to channel my inner thoughts and emotions to feel more connected with my body, soul and mind. With every practice comes growth and progress. Through yoga, I've learned that every day is different and every moment on the mat will bring exciting challenges that will bring success. 

Since I can call myself a "new" yogi where do we start and what should you expect when you first start? Depending on the type of yoga you practice (I prefer heated or hot yoga) depends on what you'll need to bring, wear, and use. When I practice I bring my own mat, some gym provide mats for you to use. That just grosses me out. I started with a cheap mat that was really hard to practice on. Once I started using Manduka's mats, it was a life changer! I felt I could challenge my poses, inversions and Vinyasa. I'm no pro yogi or anything, but I'd consider myself an intermediate based on some of the poses I can flow through. The biggest lesson I learned in yoga is there's no comparison. You can't practice and compare. Everyone is at a different flow and time on the mat. Experienced or not, you come to your mat with open minds and hearts. 

Let's talk more about the Manduka PRO mat that I use. Like I said, I love it! I would 100% recommend this mat over all other mats. What I found is Manduka mats is they are super well made compared to other competitors. When you invest in Manduka, you're guaranteed a lifetime with your mat because it's made for good and will last. Manduka stands by their line by creating a product that is high performing... it's a promise. I've seen mats wear over time as people practice and this mat will never do that. Manduka's best selling mat, PRO mat, is comfortable, thick, long, and won't slip when you sweat. This is the best yoga mat to practice on. Based on my personal experience, "big time" yogi and yoga instructors highly recommend this mat. I would agree with them 110%. 

Now that you know what mat to bring to your practice, I would highly suggest a yoga towel, especially if you're doing heated or hot yoga. It makes for an easier practice when you sweat. The Yogitoes Non-Slip Yoga Towel is the best out there. It stays on your mat and doesn't move. Having a towel helps your flow because the high tech nubs grip to your mat and keep you in place. Now, I don't practice without it... regardless if I'm in a heated class or not. A fun fact about this towel is it's made from fewer than eight plastic bottles, preventing them from landfills! How neat is that!

With a mat and towel you should be set for your journey as a yogi. However, you can't practice without a cute yoga outfit. While doing yoga, I highly suggest a good pair of yoga leggings, top, and sports bra. It's the worst when you have to tug and pull on your clothes while practicing. It becomes distracting. I love wearing Manduka yoga leggings, sports bra and top while I practice. I'm wearing the cross back halter bra. This one is super comfortable and flattering on. It's one of those bras you will wear over and over. It has the perfect amount of support and won't be a bra that you'll have to tug on. The leggings are matching to the halter bra. I love the color and design of this because it's nothing anyone else has. The attention to details on the back are adorable and trendy. With this outfit. you'll be the cutest in the studio or gym. They fit true to size and are high wasted for a flattering fit and look. The contoured waist is my favorite part of this pant. It's a winner in my book. 

You've got the mat, towel, outfit and all your missing is a water bottle and yoga mat strap carrier! You can find cute water bottles any where, but a yoga mat strap carrier you won't. I would suggest Manduka Go Move Mat Carrier for many reason. It's super affordable, cute, helps to carrier your mat to and from your car, easy to assemble and will fit the PRO mat perfectly. I think it's helpful to have a carrier because it makes it easier for travel. I always have a bunch of bags when I got to the gym or studio because I shower there. So having a mat carrier is a necessity for me. If you're not a bag lady like me, having a mat carrier is still critical because it hold your mat together. I love mine! 

Manduka is an amazing company that truly prides themself on great customer service, loyalty, and providing products to make your practice the best it can be. My favorite aspect of this amazing yoga company is the partnership that Manduka has with Susan G Komen. Project:OM was started by Manduka to help raise funds for Susan G. Komen. With the funds raised, 50% will go to support national research efforts and the other 50% stays in the community (where the funds were raised), to be used for prevention and support programs. When I found this fun fact out, I was shocked and made me love this brand even more. They really do live by making a difference in the world.  

So what are you waiting for yogis? Grab your Manduka items and get your practice on! 

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