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Cute Workout Clothes with CALIA

Cute Workout Clothes with CALIA

I’m so excited to announce the first reveal of the wellness category on Styled by Sequins. So many great things are happening on Styled by Sequins blog! (excitement can’t be contained) From a new rebranded website to a new blog category too – fitness! Many of y’all voted to see the wellness category on the blog, so here we are! It will include all things fitness and beauty. I will start off to say, I am no fitness guru or beauty junky. I’m just you’re average mid 20’s female who strives to live a healthy, happy and fit life. Keep in mind, I don’t work out every day, I will never tell you how you should be healthy or give you the magic answer. This category is to share my journey and topics that y’all want to hear about. (suggestions from Instagram stories!) Here and there I will post some fashionable fitness wear because who doesn’t love to feel cute when y’all all sweaty at the gym? I will tell you something, when I am at the gym I’m there to impressing NO ONE. But, there’s something about looking cute that makes you feel good about yourself.

On the wellness blog, I’m featuring CALIA Athletic wear by Carrie Underwood! If you’re not aware… but Carrie Underwood is literally my favorite human! She’s positive, real to who she is, down to earth, and as we all know… GORGEOUS! I act like I know her… I wish I did! Maybe one day (fingers currently crossed) Well any ways, let’s talk about this adorable athletic wear I’m sportin’ here!

The tank top I’m wearing from CALIA is a size medium. I tend to not like to wear super tight tops when I work out because It’s not comfortable for me. This tank is the perfect loose fit top I have worn while working out. Not only is it adorable, but it washes really well too. Some tanks keep the stinky smell from your workout and CALIA's products are really well made and keeps the “new” feeling over time. Now let’s talk about these legging. I love to wear leggings while I work out and when I am running around town. These leggings are incredible. The fit is amazing, fits true to size, doesn’t stretch out over time, trendy, has a secure zipper pocket around the waist band and a great thick fabric too. I would have to compare these leggings to other brands that are way more expensive. Y’all these are BETTER! Like not even joking. I need more of these leggings. I’m also wearing CALIA hat too. This faux leather hat is perfect for gym workouts, but also cute for running around on the weekends. It’s not totally leather, it just has the coloring and look of leather. The fabric of this cap is soft, breathable and totally my top fav!

You can shop my cute athletic wear outfit linked throughout the post and shoes are linked below.  Plus, I need for y’all to write a comment below and tell me what else you’d like to read/ see on the fitness blog of Styled by Sequins.

Watch the featured video for CALIA below!

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