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Skin Fitness with De+fine

Skin Fitness with De+fine

As promised, I wanted to do a blog post talking about my Dysport and lip filler experience at Define Medical Aesthetics! I am going to tell y’all a little bit about Define Medical Aesthetics, why I choose to get my Dysport and lip filler, answer some of the biggest questions or misconceptions and show y’all some before and after pictures! (THEY ARE GOOOOOOOOOD!)

I went to Define Medical Aesthetics located in Southlake, Texas (which is in the DFW area) because of their highly qualified Certified Injector Specialist, plus of their amazing membership programs that offer exclusive benefits and savings to patients (aka great deals!!). One of the things I like most about Define, is the fact that is is a one stop shop – they offer injectables (Botox, fillers) and other skin treatments (laser hair removal & microneedling)! Honestly, Define has you covered to help keep your skin fitness in check and maintain that youthful look. Their mission is to DEFINE you not CHANGE you!! Right then, I was hooked. Here is a link to their website that will take you directly to the page about injections and the other services, but I am going to answer a few of the questions I received about Dysport and fillers…. I’ve also included my interview with Beth the amazing injector herself!! (see below..)

Q: How long does DYSPORT last? For me it lasts about 4 months. I could go longer, but I notice more static lines coming back around month 4. Dyport does last longer than Botox, even though they’re basically the same thing. I notice Dysport working much fast around day 2 or 3, where studies show Botox kicks in around day 7.

Q: Does DYSPORT hurt? Obviously this question is relative, but it doesn’t hurt to me. It just feels like a little pinch!

Q: What is the down time/is there bruising? I didn’t bruise on my lips surprisingly, but that may differ from person to person. That goes for Dysport as well, I didn’t bruise at all. However, it might happen to someone else. When it does, it heals fairly quickly.

Q: How many units did you get? I received 30 units of Dysport in my forehead, 50 units between my eyes (glabella), and 40 units in my crows feet (sides of my eyes). Keep in mind the units are different for Dysport and Botox.

Q: How old were you when you started getting DYSPORT? I started when I was 26 as I had some serious deep lines. I am super expressive in my face and those static lines were really bothering me because I looked mad. It’s personal preference and what I do with my skin is what I do. Dyport like Botox is preventative and helps to not develop serious lines when you’re older.

Q: Is DYSPORT preventative? I have heard mixed answers on this questions, but as Define they told me YES, it is. Say you start getting botox in late 20’s, you will find that as you age you won’t need botox as frequently. Those finer lines will be easier to treat.

Q: What’s the difference between DYSPORT and BOTOX? This questions is super common and can be confusing to the average person to understand. Beth at Define does an amazing job educating her patients, as that’s number one! What I learned from Define is Botox is effective 4-7 days after injection and Dysport is effective after 2-3 days. Botox is heavier and will drop off quicker. Where as Dysport is lighter and will last a little longer. Think of it as 5 pound weights verses 10 pound weights. The 5 pound weight (Dysport) is easier to pick up (effective rate) and you can hold it longer too (amount of time it will last for in the muscle.) Compared to Botox being the 10 pound weight, it’s heavier to pick up (effective rate is longer) and you can’t hold it as long, so it will drop quicker (won’t last as long.) When Beth gave this visual, the light bulb went off in my head. Like I said before, each person is different. That’s why it’s important to be educated by someone who knows what they’re doing, so you can get the best results for your skin fitness.

Q: Does lip filler (Juevaderm) make me look like a duck? I was super worried about this and it was my number one fear! The answer is NO! You will not look like a duck, however there will be swelling the first 24 hours. Don’t be scared from that, as the swelling will go down. The reason people have “duck lips” is due to how it’s done or it’s overdone. That’s why it’s so important to do your research. Beth at Define is AMAZING and super experienced. She takes education and anatomy of the person’s face seriously. Like I said, Define wants to Define what you already have and not change them. I think that’s so important.

Q: Can filler be applied else where? Yes, filler can be applied in other appropriate places, such as the neck, cheeks, under your eyes etc… it all depends on the specific area. Having a consultation is number one to decided where you need filler or where you need Dysport.

If that doesn’t encourage you to go for it and give Dysport or filler a shot (pun intended), I know these before and after photos will. I am honestly AMAZED by the results. These photos are one a couple days apart, which is about the time it takes for the Dysport to fully settle in. What I love the most about the results from Define is the fact that it is SO subtle. To me, my face looks like a world of difference but to you, you might not even be able to tell I have dysport. My face, before this latest Dysport injection, looked ok (at best) at rest, but when I raised my eyebrows or made a mean face (hahaha) my wrinkles were OUT of control. Even at rest, my forehead lines were pretty bad. The results are seriously incredible. (Another disclaimer, I know these photos are not glamour shots by any means but I am willing to look crazy to show y’all just how good the results are)

Before Dysport

The shininess on my face is the numbing cream that is applied prior to injecting. The green maker is where she marks the injection sights.

One Week After…

Omg, I am loving the results!! Y’all will love yours too!! Trust me.


After Lip Filler

My first visit, I Injected less half of a syringe. (shown in the pictures) Here Beth had only filled and defined the outline of my lips.

The first picture to the left is the night of and the picture to the right is the morning after. There’s still some swelling, which will go down by the next day.

After The Second Lip Injection…

For the second injection (one week later) I got the remainder of the half syringe. The reason I went back a week later was because I wanted a little more plump to my lips. I was so nervous the first time & so it was time to just go back for a little bit more. My lips are still natural, they’re just more defined. Keep in mind these pictures were taken the day of, so they’re still a tad swollen. The swelling went the down next day! Y’all now, I am sooo in love with my pout!! (kiss kiss)

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