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Waxing Is My Thing...

Waxing Is My Thing...

Wax on wax off ... its the best & my favorite way to get rid of stubborn hair. Personally, waxing is my favorite and what I've been doing since I was 11 years old. I've had GREAT experiences and horrible experiences. Waxing The City in Fort Worth (one of many other locations... this one is the best tho!) My regular waxing appointment contains an eyebrow wax and lip wax. This appointment I did just that + a eyebrow tint. Y'all can take a look my waxing experience below... 

But first, let's chat about Waxing The City in Fort Worth. I love this waxing salon for many reasons. First of all, it's easy to schedule with a busy lifestyle. Secondly it's always super clean and I know the wax that is being put on my face is clean as well. Third, the cerologists are very experienced and always make my waxing experience a positive one. Most importantly, they listen to the goals of my waxing needs. The best thing about Waxing The City is they use a custom formulated hard wax that is gentle on the skin. I know many might be sensitive to certain waxing, but at Waxing The City you will be safe to use their wax. It's formulated to make your waxing experiencing comfortable and smooth your skin all at the same time. Double win!! 

Waxing The City offers a wide range of different services. I always get my regular eyebrow and lip wax. However, this time I tried the eyebrow tint. I'm obsessing over the result because I no longer have splotchy spots in my brows. My brows are on the darker side anyways, but the tint helps to even out the color, plus it helps when filling in my brows with a brow pencil.



I love how natural and perfect my brows look!

Did y'all know Waxing The City has their own products too?! I'm loving the eyebrow pencil because the pigment color is rich and long lasting. Another product I love is the eyebrow gel. Their gel helps to hold the hairs in place and lasts all day while I'm at work. Not only does Waxing The City offer great face makeup products, but they have the best sugar scrubs. Waxing the City's sugar scrubs feel amazing because they help to moisturize my skin. After showering, it feels like I'm wearing lotion. Plus, it's perfect for the warmer weather coming. My favorite scent is the lavender because it reminds me of the spa and lavender is so relaxing. These products can be purchased when you book your appointment here...

Why I Get Waxed?

  1. You're promised a good shaping job when you get waxed. Finding the right shape for your brows can be challenging, but when you get waxed it helps to create and maintain shape. 
  2. It's less painful than getting your brows threaded.
  3. Wax makes the hair grow back thinner than before. 
  4. It's quick and becomes a huge time saver!!
  5. Getting waxed by a licensed cerologist at Waxing The City allows for your brows and other waxed body parts to feel flawless & look the way you want.  

I hope y'all try waxing if you never have before. It's not painful and is gentle on your skin, especially when you book with Waxing The City. Fun Fact: Waxing The City was the first place I tried when I moved to Texas and I feel in love and kept coming back ever since then. Y'all will love it I promise you!! 

Love from Texas, 


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