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Workout Routine + Being Active During The Holidays

Workout Routine + Being Active During The Holidays

workout routine

Hi y’all! For a while now, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a post on my workout routine, but have failed to do so and I’m sorry for that. I just felt like I wasn’t on the ball of things personally so why share my routine when I myself don’t feel “successful!” I just had to get over that and just be me. So that’s why I’m not just doing it. New Years will be here sooner than we know and so why not start on those goals NOW!! Holidays are here and let me help you stay on track!!

For those of you who follow me on instagram, you probably see that I workout several days a week and that fitness is a big part of my life. I was hesitant to share my workout routine (like I said earlier) because it’s far from perfect and needs a bit of tweaking. I am NO expert, this just works for me. I will say though, I’m trying to add in more weight training in place of the cardio so…it’s a work in progress! Side note- I used to lift SUPER heavy and I wasn’t happy with how MY body felt and was. So that’s why that doesn’t work for me & my goals.

My workout routine has changed slightly because I’m training for my half marathon in February. Now it’s consistent of a TON of running and long runs. So, this routine can vary depending on if I’m training for a race. But, here’s what my workout routine looks like more or less each week:

I try to take rest days as that’s important for your body + I tend to be busy during the weekends.

  • Monday: Stairmaster- 40 minutes on level 8-10 fat burner level. This level on my machine switches on and off with the levels. It will start on 6 and then work up to level 13+. It’s important to do interval training as that activates fat burning. Your stairmaster might be different so I would suggest alternating level 6 to level 13+ that will give you a butt kicking.

  • Tuesday: Tone it Up or BBG program- available on the app store.

  • Wednesday: HIIT workout via the Tone it Up app or Stairmaster if I am crammed on time.

  • Thursday: Shorter run (3ish miles) + weight training (I usually do arm weights and an ab workout after a shorter run)

  • Friday: 60-minute vinyasa yoga class OR rest day, depending on how I’m feeling

  • Saturday: Recently added a workout class that I do at LifeTime to my routine on Saturdays! It’s SUCH a good workout and is fun to change things up a bit! If I don’t do that then I will go for a run!

  • Sunday: Rest day!

I hope this is helpful for any of you trying to come up with a routine that works for you! Like I said, mine is pretty heavy on the cardio and I’m trying to add in more weight training. I try and work out 5-6 days a week because I truly love it. It’s such a stress reliever for me, and brings me so much joy! Since I am a Kinder teacher full time, it’s also my way to release stress and be mindless…otherwise I would go crazy!

I hope y’all find this helpful! I will say that nutrition is a huge part of your wellness! Don’t ever think a workout can fix your nutrition.

Love from Texas,


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